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Publication numberDE69714760 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1997614760
Publication date19 Sep 2002
Filing date21 May 1997
Priority date29 May 1996
Also published asDE69714760T2, EP0939997A1, EP0939997B1, US5777454, WO1997045911A1
Publication number1997614760, 97614760, DE 69714760 D1, DE 69714760D1, DE-D1-69714760, DE1997614760, DE69714760 D1, DE69714760D1, DE97614760
InventorsM Mcandrews, H Jones
ApplicantPeco Ii Inc, Mcandrews Joseph M
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Reservebatterie-managementsystem für gleichstromversorgung A reserve battery management system for DC supply translated from German
DE 69714760 D1
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International ClassificationH02J9/06, H02J7/00, G01R31/36
Cooperative ClassificationY10T307/615, Y10T307/625, G01R31/3658, H02J7/0022, H02J9/061
European ClassificationG01R31/36V2, H02J9/06B, H02J7/00C3
Legal Events
11 Sep 20038364No opposition during term of opposition
18 Mar 20048339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee